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Testimonials from SWCeS students and parents:


“I attend SWCeSchool because they provided me with a solution to all my problems. They have helped me with all my classes so I have all my credits I need to graduate. They are very patient, kind, and compassionate. They work well with me and give me time to finish assignments when I’m falling behind for personal reasons. They love all their students and make sure all of our needs are met. They help us follow our dreams and cheer us on every step of the way. They are very encouraging and believe in every one of their students. This is by far the best school I have ever been to.”

Devry Michaeli; student


“Our family chose the SW Colorado eSchool because of the high quality of its academic program, the on-site support, and the flexibility.  We are so grateful to have this resource in our rural community. Our son has been able to engage academically while also working a part-time job in his field of interest.”

Wynn Jones; parent


“We chose SWC eSchool because it offered our child an opportunity to find a place where he could excel.  He had a learning disability and needed an environment that provided a quiet, structured environment.  He also wanted to be able to play sports, so SWC eSchool was a great fit.  We have found we have great communication with the teachers and staff and have been able to customize his lessons to meet his learning style.  He is so much happier and not stress out about doing well because he is doing well!”

Kent and Elisabeth Rogers; parents


“Southwest Colorado e-school has given me hope!  I am dyslexic and had a very hard time in the brick and mortar schools.  Even with an IEP, they were unwilling to help me.  This year is my first year at SWCeSchool and I have gone from a C student to a straight A student.  SWCeSchool has given me the opportunity to be able to know exactly what my lessons are and what the schedule is for the lessons.  The teachers are fantastic at checking in with me to make sure that I understand the lessons and am comfortable with what I am doing.  The lessons are not self-paced, you do have due dates, but I am able to listen to the video lessons as many times as I need to so that I can understand the material.  It has been a gamechanger for me because I always knew that I could do well, I just needed the right environment!  My frustration and anxiety about school has almost gone away and my parents say that I am a different kid!  I also love that I can play sports with my high school and still see all my friends and I have made so many new friends at SWC eSchool too!”

 Grant Rogers; student

“Our family chose SCWeSchool because we have always homeschooled and coming into high school we didn’t want to slot into the time absorption of public school. We wanted something versatile, well-rated educationally, that also satisfied transcripts. Also, something that would accommodate us when we go overseas to visit family. We have been very pleased. :)”
Forgan parents
“I attend SWCeSchool because it provides me with good schooling at home (with a transcript) and gives me flexibility in my schedule.”
Victoria Forgan; student
“I attend SWCeSchool because I work best when I can discover things with minimal help from others and SWCeSchool is a great environment for that.”
Skye Forgan; student
“I attend SWC eSchool because the flexibility allows me to schedule school around my life. I am also able to partake in activities that wouldn’t be available if I went to a brick and mortar school, such as extensive dance classes and teams.  Although most online schools’ flexible schedules would allow me to do this, I choose SWC eSchool because of the amount of support and recognition and encouragement. With the help of SWCeschool’s supportive environment, teachers, and counselors, I am able to complete my tasks and participate in after-school activities without the stress that would exist for me in other schools.  The last reason why I attend SWC eSchool is because of how scholarly the program and curriculum is. My teachers provide comprehensive material along with a challenge every week which allows me to thrive academically.
In conclusion, I attend SWC eSchool because it is a supportive and caring environment, provides a flexible schedule, and creates academic challenges.
Thank you!”
Hazel Seashore Botha; student
“Our family chose SWCES because…
-We had been homeschooling since kindergarten and we needed more outside support in the areas of science, math, and electives.
-We were incredibly impressed with Mr. Freeburn and Mrs. Powell when we met with them to learn more about the school. We felt supported from every angle with our educational goals, even though we would not be attending full-time and would remain homeschoolers while using the eschool for 1-3 courses.
-We enjoyed the flexibility of being able to complete coursework in the office, as well as be able to complete our courses in the comfort of our own home.
-The support of extra help through tutoring was an incredible relief to an overwhelmed homeschooling mom.
-The wide range of courses available has been a gift to our family. My children are learning things that never would have been possible without this opportunity, and being held accountable by teachers who support them and want to them to succeed.
-The opportunity for testing for my children (PSAT, SAT, and younger grade testing) has been very valuable.
Thank you SWCES!"
Kathryn Shaffer; parent

“Our family chose SCWeSchool because of the flexibility and the resources available to help our daughter thrive and excel!”

Gretchen Seashore Botha; parent


“Our family chose SCWeSchool because it provides a better opportunity for my daughter to learn the organizational skills and independence required for college.”

Michelle Cusick; parent

“Our family chose Southwest Colorado eSchool because it allowed us to travel to Italy for a semester while ensuring academic excellence and providing superb personal attention and support to our girls."

Michele and John Picarro; parents


“The Southwest Colorado eSchool was a perfect fit for our family. Our daily schedule was not the normal “rise at dawn” type of lifestyle due to our business that required working at night. We had already been homeschooling our kids and they were on a similar sleep schedule as ours but as they approached the high school years of their education we knew we needed something different. Coral and Caleb needed a curriculum that not only challenged their minds and prepared them for higher education opportunities but also would be flexible to accommodate our lifestyle. Both kids enrolled as a freshman and completed their entire high school career with the eSchool. They were able to improve their skills with computers and technology, learn how to manage their time effectively and work through tasks to achieve goals, and earn college credit with the concurrent enrollment programs. The flexible schedule also allowed them to pursue their interests in activities such as dance, skiing and golf. The school’s staff was encouraging and helpful every step of the way and our family will be forever grateful for the opportunity to be involved with SWC eSchool.”

Joshua & Gretchen Rank; parents


“Enrolling in e-school courses was one of the best choices for my academic career I could have ever made. I was able to complete 3 college-level math courses and now I am close to a degree in mathematics as a high school senior! Differential Equations and Linear Algebra through SWC eSchool was the most fun, challenging, and fulfilling math classes I have ever taken. It was a truly wonderful experience.”

Kate Petty, student


“I did have a wonderful experience with my AP Environmental Science course this year, and with the eSchool.
On AP Environmental Science:
This course was extremely helpful in keeping me on track for studying course material throughout the year in preparation for the AP exam and providing supplemental assignments that were vital to my understanding of course content. My teacher Ms. Hobkirk was amazing at providing quick, helpful feedback, and I couldn’t have been happier that I took this course.
On my past two years taking supplemental eSchool courses:
Taking online classes was an eye-opener for me. A good one. They allowed me to see how it’s possible to accomplish so much during the time I schedule myself instead of in structured traditional classes. The eSchool provided me the opportunity to learn extensively about topics not offered by classes at my own school, and to do so on my own time but still with the amazing support of a teacher and curriculum. These courses have allowed me to branch out my education in the most convenient way, learning not only course material, but important lessons in time management, organization, and personal motivation and responsibility along the way. My teachers and supervisors in the past two years through the eSchool have been amazing at providing prompt feedback on assignments, being available for all questions and concerns, and providing genuine, thoughtful responses to them. Without their creative integration of supplemental materials to the course curriculums, I could never have succeeded in these subjects as I did, and I am sure that they were vital to my completion of AP exams.”

Holly Redmond, student


“As a high schooler, I was able to travel all around the world racing my bike without it getting in the way of my education. Studying through the eSchool was one of the best decisions I’ve made throughout high school, and was able to provide a platform for me to take challenging classes in a hotel room, airplane, or wherever else bike racing took me."

Christopher Blevins, student
Team USA Cycling


"Mike and Kelly,
Thank you with all of my being. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for believing in, and helping the kids who don’t fit into the norm. Each graduate yesterday was so vastly different, and your work and passion gave each of them a safe place to finish their high school schooling sans judgment and with love.
The story you told, Mike, was a story I had just shared a few weeks ago with 2 different friends who each have students at DHS and AHS who are struggling with the academic and social aspect of school. Both of these parents know Ana and knew of her struggles as I openly shared with them when I needed support the most from my tribe. It was wonderful to be able to share her story with them and to know that you both had so much to do with it.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

with Much love and thank yous,

Jessica Mitchell"


“SWCeS was the perfect fit for our daughter for several reasons. She started with the eSchool the second half of her sophomore year when the demands of her equestrian training made conventional high school difficult. Most days she was finished her assignments by 1 PM allowing plenty of time to ride or work ahead if she had to travel to a show – the flexibility was better than anticipated. The expectations of each course were clearly delineated on that course’s web page, much clearer than the brick and mortar school allowing for better planning and study strategy. While the work was just as demanding (if not more) than the traditional school, her grades improved because of the better structure and the lack of distraction experienced in today’s classrooms. The teachers were very responsive; available through text, phone, email, and the eScool’s brand of “Skype.” Finally, the administrative staff was warm, supportive, and eager to help “iron out” the occasional rough spot. We would certainly do it again!”

Dr. Bill Leonard; parent