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eSchool Learning Options

We are pleased that you are interested in enrolling at the Southwest Colorado eSchool. There are several ways that students participate in our program. Please use the respective page below as a guide to applying for our program:


  • Full Time

    The Southwest Colorado eSchool (SWCeS) partners with area school districts to provide high quality online learning options for students of Southwest Colorado. SWCeS is an accredited, diploma-granting, online school. SWCeS is a tuition-free online school available to students in grades 6-12 who reside within the San Juan BOCES service area (Pagosa Springs to Dove Creek, Ignacio to Silverton) of SW Colorado. Students enrolled in SWCeS engage in rigorous courses, aligned to Colorado Academic Standards, taught by licensed Colorado teachers. All courses are conducted through the Internet with students participating from their home or other Internet access points anywhere on Earth.

    • Hybrid Study
      Students take most of their classes, usually their core academics – with the eSchool, and take a few courses at their designated school of residence, such as band or choir.


  • Shared Schooling

    The Southwest Colorado eSchool also hosts students on a part-time study basis. While part-time generally refers to a minimum number of courses, the SWCeS also uses the term to refer to any student who blends their learning with homeschooling.

    Shared School Students – Home school students who wish to enroll in 1 to 3 or classes and are not taking classes at any other public school. Shared School students retain autonomy as home school students and are not required to participate in any state assessments. Shared school students are provided up to three courses completely free of charge.

  • Supplemental Study

    The Southwest Colorado eSchool (SWCeS) enrolls students who want or need to supplement the coursework in their district school. Supplemental students meet the full-time enrollment requirements of their local middle or high school but take additional coursework that is either not available at their regular school or by special arrangement for extenuating circumstances.

    Supplemental students take one or two courses from SWCeS and are monitored by a local school advisor. These students do not take part in advising programs supplied by the SWCeS and do not plan on graduating with a degree from the eSchool.


  • Returning eSchool students must register at the beginning of each new school year.