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The Process

How to Apply:

We are pleased that you are interested in enrolling at the Southwest Colorado eSchool. There are several ways that students participate in our program. Please use the respective page below as a guide to apply for our program:

  • Full-Time Study – students take all of their courses from us online and can earn an accredited diploma from the eSchool
  • Hybrid Study – students take most of their classes – a minimum of 4 classes, usually their core academics – with the eSchool, and take a few courses at their designated school of residence, such as band or choir.
  • Shared Schooling – students who are traditionally home-schooled may take 1-3 classes but are not eligible to earn a high school diploma.
  • Supplemental Study – students elect to take a small number of courses (usually 1 or 2) to expand learning opportunities but remain fully enrolled at their designated school of residence.
  • Returning Students – returning eSchool students must register at the beginning of each new school year.

Minimum Entrance Requirements

The SWCeS is dedicated to supporting students for whom independent online learning is an appropriate fit. That said, not all students are prepared or have the necessary supports to be successful. The eSchool has the following minimum requirements for students entering the school as full-time students.

If a student does not meet all of the following requirements, we will permit them to begin with a supplemental enrollment plan for the first semester to assess compatibility with the online learning environment.

  1. Failed no more than one class in the previous semester of school,
  2. Have your own computer and reliable internet access,
  3. Complete the Introduction to Online Learning mini-course prior to beginning regular eSchool classes,
  4. Attend mandatory orientations and the agreed-upon Learning Center attendance schedule, and
  5. Parents must have a personal email account that is checked regularly.

Steps to applying at SWCeS.

  1. Inquire with the eSchool faculty: Please call or email Meagan Johnson or Kelly Powell to schedule a meeting and begin the process. If considering being a full-time student with us, a meeting to determine compatibility with the online learning environment is required prior to being accepted into the program.
  2. Complete the application process online: You can now begin the registration process with our online application form. Please visit any of the links above for further information.
  3. Enrollment: SWCeS Staff will create the necessary accounts for you to get started. NOTE: All access to new accounts will be sent electronically to the student email entered in the registration packet.
  4. Introduction to Online Learning: You are required to complete our Introduction to Online Learning mini-course prior to starting any of your actual courses eSchool courses. SWCeS staff will provide an orientation and assist you with this process at the beginning of each new semester.
  5. Select courses: Select your courses. Advisors will cross-reference your requests with your transcripts and help you create an academic plan.

Getting Started with SWCeS

After applying, an email will be sent to the student's email within the registration form. This could take a few business days, depending on the time of year.