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Our Learning Model


Design and Structure of the School

Online programs vary in their design and structure. The SWCeS prides itself in working with highly-qualified teachers and providing diverse, rigorous curricula to our rural region of the state. We are currently focusing our efforts on delivering diverse and rigorous courses from partner entities rather than building our own teacher base.

  • Semester Design – The SWCeS does not provide self-paced coursework; rather, courses follow a traditional semester design and have important enrollment deadlines. After these deadlines, new students must wait for the beginning of the next term to start their studies. Students may enroll mid academic year.
  • Highly Qualified Teachers – All SWCeS teachers are highly qualified in their area of expertise and come from other regions of the state. Teachers are contracted through our partner organizations with Jefferson County’s 21st Century Virtual Academy and Colorado Online Learning.
  • High-Touch Instruction – Teachers are heavily involved in online coursework at the SWCeS. Classes meet weekly in synchronous online virtual meetings. Teachers commonly preview material or concepts important in forthcoming assessments or activities. Students benefit from these interactions by hearing direct instruction, asking questions, responding to prompts, and hearing the inquiries of other students. Teachers also communicate regularly to all students and pay particular interest to students who are falling behind or not achieving.
  • Orientation Programs – The SWCeS requires that all students complete an Introduction to Online Learning course prior to starting coursework. This course can be taken at any time prior to the beginning of a term so that students start coursework promptly. The orientation introduces students to all of the communication, participation, and evaluation aspects of online learning as well as student expectations for conduct, academic honesty, and etiquette. New students also complete a face-to-face orientation day at the beginning of the school year. The time spent with SWCeS staff establishes a personal connection that carries into the advising program. Students in different parts of the SJBOCES region also get to know other eSchool students and make connections based on grade-level, interests, and rationales for joining an online program.
  • Advisory Program – Full-time students with SWCeS will have a local advisor who tracks their performance and guides them through their individual career and academic planning. 
  • No Traditional School Building – The SWCeS staffs two Learning Centers and provides a safe and friendly environment to support students. Students also have the option to work at home or in community centers such as libraries. Students are able to connect with their teachers for tutoring during virtual office hours available regularly.