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Technical Requirements

The following tools are required to access all of the content within our learning management system (LMS). Use this page to check your machine for the most up-to-date versions of each.

Browser Check

The recommended browser for working with Google Docs and Schoology is Google Chrome. Other browsers that are supported are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

General Recommendations

  • Have more than one internet browser. If one fails for inexplicable reasons, you have another to try.
  • Equally equip your browsers. Make sure that each browser can run everything that you want it to.
  • Go TABS. Some browsers continuously open new windows. A more modern way to navigate multiple sites is to use tabs (see image at left).
Download Chrome
Click HERE to begin downloading Chrome. You will not need administrative permissions on a Windows machine to accomplish this task.


 What is Java?

Java is a computer software platform/language that allows web applications to do a whole lot more than what the web can do alone. When your internet browser calls for a java application, it will run Java locally on your computer but access content and resources from the web.

What do you need it for?

You will need Java to watch recorded sessions from your JeffCo teachers. You may also need Java to run some interactive media.

How do I know if I have it?

You can check to see if you have Java by clicking HERE. This link will open in a new page and take you to a page on the Java website. Click on the link in the middle of the page to test.

Need Java?

If your computer fails the Java test, you can download the correct version of Java for your computer by clicking HERE.