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Testing Information


(updated April 2024)

A few words about assessments:

These assessments are used, in part, to determine a performance score for the SWCeS and are important for maintaining our Colorado accreditation rating. Scores are also helpful to us for academic planning and college admissions.

(These tests are scheduled for the Durango Student Center)

SAT - 11th Grade Students: Wednesday April 17th, 2024

The State of Colorado will provide this assessment free of charge and scores on the SAT may be used for college admissions. The SAT is required by state and federal law for all students in Colorado and can be used for college entrance. The Southwest Colorado eSchool provides an opportunity for all juniors attending our school to sit for this exam. We highly encourage our students to take this exam.

(These tests are scheduled for the Durango Student Center)

PSAT-9 - 9th-grade students: Friday, April 18, 2024

PSAT-10 - 10th-grade students: Thursday, April 18, 2024


During the 2023/24 school year freshmen will be offered the PSAT-9 State assessment, along with Sophomores (PSAT-10) and Juniors (SAT) in April each year.


CMAS  and PARCC testing

For 2023/24 The Colorado Department of Education in conjunction with local schools administers standardized tests to specific Colorado students in the spring. These are known generally as CMAS (or the Colorado Measures of Academic Success). The Southwest Colorado eSchool has selected dates to offer these assessments by grade level. These tests are only available to be provided in person and cannot be completed remotely. As a result of the COVID pandemic the state has specific guidelines for the 2023/24 school year:



“Parents and guardians of children who are learning remotely should consider their family’s health needs when deciding whether to allow their child to come into the school building for testing. Parental decisions not to send children into school buildings will be respected. There will be no negative consequences for students or parents if students receiving their instruction remotely do not take the CMAS tests.”


The state will be making available the following assessments


6th grade: MATH

7th grade: ELA

8th grade: ELA, MATH & SCIENCE


Additional PSAT and SAT National Testing Date Information Available at


ACT National Testing Dates and Information:

If you have any questions please contact Kelly Powell at [email protected]