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About Schoology

Our primary learning management system (LMS) is called Schoology www.schoology.com This well-designed web-based tool is a relative newcomer in the field of online learning, but it has really challenged historically dominant rivals like Blackboard. The Schoology LMS is organized around the Facebook model and has a lot of powerful features and design aspects.

  • Communication/messaging is at the core of the program rather than buried at the course level.
  • All course activities and calendar items come together on the home screen.
  • A digital dropbox allows for the uploading of Microsoft Office documents or direct integration with Google Docs.
  • Teachers can comment directly on digital work.
  • Groups and clubs can be facilitated to build student community.

 Schoology is also easily accessible from mobile devices. The app can easily be found in the app marketplaces for both Apple’s iOS and Android phones. Mobile tablet devices, such as iPads and Androids can also run the app. Completion of larger writing assignments would be prohibitive on the devices, but students can check and view assignments, navigate course content, review their grades, see the calendar of upcoming assignments, and communicate with instructors.