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Supplemental Study

The Southwest Colorado eSchool (SWCeS) enrolls students who want or need to supplement the coursework in their district school. Supplemental students meet the full-time enrollment requirements of their local middle or high school but take additional coursework that is either not available at their regular school or by special arrangement for extenuating circumstances.

Supplemental students take one or two courses from SWCeS and are monitored by a local school advisor. These students do not take part in advising programs supplied by the SWCeS and do not plan on graduating with a degree from the eSchool.

Registration Process

Becoming an eSchool student for supplemental courses involves the following steps.

  1. Meet with your counselor to discuss how our courses align with your career and academic plan.
  2. Complete the registration process below. SWCeS staff will enter you into our system and communicate via email with your account information.
    NOTE: This may take a few workdays to complete.
  3. Complete the short Introduction to Online Learning course, a short preparation for an online learning course that supports the necessary skills and expectations.
    NOTE: This is required before any student will be enrolled in a SWCeS course.
  4. Upon successful completion of the IOL course, you will be provided with access to your requested course.

How to Register for Fall 2024

Our registration process is now entirely online for all enrollments.

  1.  Please complete the online registration.
    This will start the process and get you into our systems. All forms are required before beginning coursework.
  2. Check your email for a copy of forms that require signatures. Please sign and return to complete the registration process as soon as possible.

NOTE: All students must successfully complete (80% or above) our Introduction to Online Learning Course before being allowed to enroll in any other SWCeS courses.