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Online Learning Resources

The number of online resources is endless and it can be challenging to decide what tools help our students.  Below are some recommended websites, tools, and web browser extensions that can help online students.  All of these are free and some have premium options.  The extensions are all available and linked below for Chrome users, but most can be found for other browsers, too.
Khan Academy:  One of the most popular sites for math and science instruction videos.  They have some ELA support as well.
Open P-Tech:  Free digital learning on the tech and professional skills of tomorrow.  Students can earn badges as they learn new technical skills.
Perdue OWL:  The go-to reference website for all grammar and English Language information.
Easybib:  The industry standard for creating bibliographies.
Common Sense Media:  A website that reviews books, films, and shows for their value and appropriateness.
Ways to find Audiobooks Online: This article will link you to many resources for a digital library.
San Juan BOCES Support: Our parent district has many free tools available to us to assist with accessibility!
Grammarly:  A tool that proofreads all of your online content as you type.  Highly recommended!
Ublock Origin:  An adblocker that allows you to browse the web without pop-ups or direct advertising.
Screencastify:  An easy video and audio recorder for you.  
Kami:  A popular PDF reader that allows you to modify it with many options.
Mercury Reader:  A useful tool to help simplify reading online by reducing distracting text and decor on a page.
Onetab: A nice tool for those of us who have many tabs open in a browser all the time.
Web Paint: A way to create visual assignments on webpages and other digital content.