Celebrating SWCeSchool Students!

Autumn Coley rides her horse Reese.

Autumn Coley, 9th Grade

This month we are sharing a story submitted by Autumn Coley. Autumn shares her passion for riding her horse, Reese. Read her story below:
"I love riding my horse whose name is Reese and he is 7 years old, I have been riding for a couple of years now and been through a couple of horses, I finally settled on Reese after my amazing horse Gandolf passed away he did a bunch of competitions and was 20 years old when he passed, the horse you can see in the picture is Reese he is a wonderful horse and I enjoy riding as a hobby, you can also see my dog Keena who is a Yorkie she is currently 5 years old, the neat thing about horseback riding is that anyone can learn and it is a very fun and exciting hobby to have! I enjoy Swceschool because it gives me time to do the things I love like horseback riding, rather than spend a bunch of time in the classroom, so to anyone that wants to learn how to ride a horse all you have to do is pratice! "