SWCeS Fall '21 Registration/Planning

"Hello, SWCeS students and parents. 
 It is time to meet together to plan for next year and beyond. If you are a senior, you can disregard this.  If you are planning to attend a different school next fall, please let me know your plans so I can help make it a smooth transition.  For all students planning to return to SWCeS in the fall, please book an appointment when both the student and a parent can attend. Because of COVID-19, we will need to meet virtually via Google Meet.  Once you book your appointment, I will send an invite with a link to join the meeting at your scheduled time. 
If you are a current sophomore or junior, you may be eligible to take a college class/es next year and receive both College and HS credit.  Please let me know when we meet if you are interested in learning more about this option.
Kelly Powell, Southwest Colorado eSchool, Counselor"