SWCeS Earth Day Challenge: Winners Announced

Poster announcing winners of the Earth Day Challenge: Autumn Coley for Most Volume Collected, Paige Stanley for Most hours Served and a Grand Prize to Paige for the Most Creative Project. Awards were 2 Free Family Passes to the Durango Science Center, 2 Hour Free Rental at Lake Night Horse and 2 Free ride on the Durango/Silverton train, respectively.

Congratulations to our 2nd Annual Earth Day Challenge Winners!

Autumn Coley and Paige Stanley!

Both students did trash collection as their projects. Autumn supported her family by helping to clean up trash and garbage from her grandfather's farm pasture. Paige collected micro trash from ten parks in Durango. Awards went to Autumn for Most Volume Collected (Award: Family Pass Durango Science Center) & to Paige for Most Hours Served (Award: 2 Hours Free Rental at Lake Night Horse) and were handed out at the CET End of the Year event. A Grand Prize for Most Creative Project went to Paige. She received two free passes to ride the Durango/Silverton Train.
Here is Autumn's project and here is Paige's project. Thank you to all contestants and to our AMAZING prize Donors!