Why Use SWCeS Tutors?

Image depicting tutor working online with a student.
Certain subjects can be challenging for an individual. Some students face hurdles with different topics and at different levels than their peers; others need motivation. All students can thrive with the one-on-one attention we can provide at the eSchool while working through their curriculum. Using an eSchool tutor who delivers one-on-one content and instruction can help students flourish in many different ways:
~ Individual learning experience
~ Self-esteem builder
~ Can encourage independence and responsibility
~ One-on-one individual attention
~ Comfortable/safe work environment
~ Improvement in academic performance
~ Build study skills and executive functions
The SWCeS tutors are all certified teachers in the state of Colorado and are a complimentary support provided by the eSchool.  Students can connect with tutors in person and virtually.  Many students have a weekly appointment set for the semester with our various content specialists and other students reach out as needed, but regardless, there is an eSchool tutor for your needs.

For additional support in a content area, please contact our tutors:
Shaun Burke, Mathematics I [email protected]
Micah Susman, English and Social Studies I [email protected]
Megan Lanigan, Science I Please contact Steve at [email protected] to schedule Science support.
Kelly Powell, Spanish [email protected]