Baking Contest Winners

Pictures of baking contest winning baked goods: Yummiest Looking - Cinnamon Rolls by August Tarver, Most Decorative & Most Unusual - Autumn Coley 3 layer espresso cake with raspberry buttercream frosting

December Baking Contest Winners

Yummiest Looking: Cinnamon Rolls by August Tarver  Access recipe here
Most Decorative / Most Unusual: 3 Layer Espresso Cake w/Raspberry Buttercream Frosting by Autumn Coley Access recipe here.
In december the CET decided to try something different, a virtual baking contest. No one actually gets to taste the final goods but we sure can see just how scrumptious they look! One student took the virtual-ness of it literally by working with a co-creator online to do the preliminary baking then come together at the end to put all the pieces together. I'll let you guess who.
Thank You to ALL our contributors!