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Micah's bio

Micah spent the first 20 or so years of his life on the East Coast, in Washington, D.C., and in Boston.  He spent the next 20 or so years in Austin. Now he is in his third year, of the 20 or so, in La Plata county.  He has also traveled to 30 countries and most of the United States. No matter where he has been, Micah has always worked in education.  He has worked with all levels in all types of schools, but primarily as a secondary ELA teacher at large public schools. Like many of the eSchool students, the big, public school wasn’t working for him anymore, and he wanted to focus his support on the individual student.  Micah loves helping students become lifelong readers and writers; he is a constant reader who always has good recommendations for all types of people. While working with students, Micah works with a passion to make all work relevant to our real lives, and he will work at the eSchool to strive to keep everyone connected to their purpose.  Other than reading and watching films during his free time, Micah loves to ride his BMW GS around the Four Corners region and explore the rest on foot. He will continue to explore the many things to do in the area with his wife and their daughter.