CET Presents: VISION BOARDING Workshop

It's almost spring and time to get your inspiration on! Dream big and create a living color poster of your vision for your year ahead. There are as many ways to create a vision board as there are imaginations in the world. No way is a wrong way, except to not do one at all! It's a fun and crafty way to express what you want to draw to you for your future.
We will explore all kinds of suggestions for making your board come to life in this workshop. So start collecting things that inspire you! Collect pictures from magazines, newspapers, posters & cards, words that help you feel good, and any other "thing" that you can glue, tape or pin to a piece of cardboard, cereal box or corkboard (wrapping paper & paper bags can be really fun too!). Feel like you don't have the supplies needed? That's ok, if you can let me know asap I can get some supplies to you. Or, there are lots of vision board apps online that you can choose from to create yours right from your computer. Please RSVP to Cindy, [email protected] to reserve your spot in this workshop and join us on  Thrs, Feb. 24th, 3:30pm, via Zoom.