Artificial Intelligence Workshop for 9th-12th Graders

Have you ever wondered about artificial intelligence, how it works and how it can be put to use? Check out this FREE AI workshop offered by Stanford & MIT graduates through Inspirit AI for high school students from artists to engineers.
"Join us and hear from Inspirit AI's team of expert AI researchers to gain insight on how anyone can wield the tools of artificial intelligence to transform any domain. How can AI's tools and techniques transform seemingly irrelevant domains like, journalism, biology, economics, law or more? How can anyone break into the world of artificial intelligence? Through beginner friendly technical AI workshops and project-building sessions on AI + Biology, AI + Psychology students and K12 educators will learn about how to prepare for college and career pathways in AI. This free live-online event will be held on Sunday, October 17th from 12PM-2PM Mountain Time. Registration can be found here: Registrants will receive a recording of the event and our team's educational resources on "Fundamentals of AI", "Building AI Projects for Artists, Biologists, and more"
PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is through a third party that is not affiliated with SWCeS & is not associated with other coursework or credit.