Mars Rover Blog #5: By Slader

Hello Everyone! I am sorry that I was unable to post a blog last week. I am making this one now to substitute for last week’s one. From now on I will just be uploading a blog every other week just because my schedule has gotten too busy. Now enough talk let’s get into it. 

This week I will be doing a blog on the international space station. Similar to when I did a blog about when Voyager 2, the Mars rover, just hasn’t discovered anything remarkable yet. Except for fossilized bacteria! Which is still pretty cool! Now on to the international space station. 

The international space station is a station that orbits the earth. It has about the living space of a 5-bedroom house. It travels at about the speed of 28,000 km/h. And is about 230 miles above the ground. The international space station orbits the earth about 16 times a day. That is the distance to go to the moon and back every day. It is the second brightest thing in the night sky.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog. As I said earlier I will now be posting every other week so not next week but the week after I will post a new one. Have a nice day.