Mars Rover Blog #2: By Slader

Hello Everyone that has read my last blog!
This week’s blog will be about the information on the hidden message found last week and what Perseverance has done this week on Mars! Let’s start off with the hidden message found last week by NASA. If you are wondering what I am talking about don’t worry so was I! When the rover was first landing on Mars there was a hidden message found in the white and orange strips of the ginormous 70 ft parachute! Using morse code, engineer Ian Clark solved this big puzzle and stated that it spelled out “Dare Mighty Things!” Isn’t that amazing!?
Moving on to what has happened this week on Mars. This week, Perseverance has taken many samples of the rocky surface of Mars looking for any ancient life. The reason why we think there might be life on Mars is that there used to be water on Mars and all discovered life needs water to live. So, naturally, the first thing we look for when trying to find life is water.
Thank you for reading along with my blog for this week. Come back next week for another one.
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